Computer Fundamentals

Course Code: CSE 1101

Year: 1 Semester: 1 Credits: 3


Computer Basis: History and development of Computer, Computer types. Scope of computer, Impact of
computers on society and technology. Specification of Computers: CPU types, Speed variation, Memory,
type size Cache, Storage Media, Hard disk, Floppy disk, CD ROM , DVD. Printer: Dot matrix Laser, ink
jet. Computer Hardware: Digital electronics, CPU. Memory: RAM, ROM, Mass storage devices, I/O
Devices : Different Peripherals Idea of System Software and Application Software: Function of
Operating System, Discussion on different types of Operating System : DOS/Windows, Mac
UNIX/XENIX etc. Concept of formal Language: Different type of Computer Languages: Assembly,
FORTRAN, Pascal C and C++, Artificial Language etc. Purpose and Scope of Application Packages:
Essential General purpose packages : Word Processing, Spreadsheet analysis, Database etc. Networking:
Different types of networks, network topologies, communication media. Internet: Internet services, e-mail,
e-commerce. Multimedia: Basics of audio, video & graphics. Maintenance and Troubleshooting: Virus,
Power Surge Protection, Disk maintenance. Future Trends: Super Computer, Distributed Computer,
Parallel Processing, Information Super Highway, Multi-media and virtual reality.


Books Recommended:
P. Norton
L. Rosch
P. Norton
Introduction to Computer
Introduction to Computers
Computer Science
Hardware Bible, Braddy Publishing, Indianapolis
Inside the PC