Structured Programming Language

Course Code: CSE 1201

Year: 1 Semester: 2 Credits: 3


Programming Language : Basic concepts, Overview of programming languages, Problem Solving
Techniques and Data Flow Diagram. C-Language: Overview, mid-level language, compiled vs interpreted
language, variables, constants, data types, storage class specifiers, arithmetic expressions, assignment
statements, and operators.. Program Control Statements: conditional statements, loops and nested loops,
break, continue, label and goto, Array, Pointers: Pointer basics, pointer variables, operators, expressions,
pointer and arrays, pointer and dynamic memory allocation; Functions: argument, formal parameters,
function calling, call-by-value, call-by-reference, recursion and recursive functions, pointer to function,
Structures: arrays of structures, structure pointer, structure as function arguments, structure within
structure, Bit-field, Union, Enumeration; Files and I/O: streams and files, file access methods, ANSI-C
file system, UNIX file routines; Advanced features: Standard and Library
Reference Language : C