Project/Thesis/Industry Attachment (Part I)

Course Code: CSE 4101

Year: 4 Semester: 1 Credits: 2


Problems and Search: Overview of AI; AI techniques; Underlying Assumption; Problems, Problem
spaces and Search, Different Heuristic Search techniques.
Knowledge representation: Knowledge Representation Issues, Knowledge Representation using Predicate
logic, Knowledge Representation using Rules, Symbolic Reasoning under Uncertainties, probabilistic
reasoning, structured knowledge, object oriented representation. Knowledge representation using semantic
nets, conceptual graph, frames etc.
Introduction to selected topics in AI: Game Playing, Planning, Understanding, Natural language
processing, Expert system, Genetic algorithm, robotics and Fuzzy logic.
An Overview on Artificial Intelligence Programming Languages: Prolog, Visual Prolog, LISP etc.
Neural Networks: Basic concept and structure of neural networks, Learning rules, Back propagation rule,
Hopfield network, neural network as an object classifier.