Project/Thesis/Industry Attachment (Part II)*

Course Code: CSE 4201

Year: 4 Semester: 2 Credits: 3


An Introduction to Web Engineering :Categories of Web Applications, Characteristics of Web
Applications, Product-related Characteristics, Usage-related Characteristics, Development-related
Characteristics; Requirements Engineering for Web Applications: Where Do Requirements Come
From? Requirements Engineering Activities RE Specifics in Web Engineering, Principles for RE of Web
Applications, Adapting RE Methods to Web Application Development, Requirement Types, Notations,
Tools; Web Application Architectures:What is an Architecture? Developing Architectures, Categorizing
Architectures ,Specifics of Web Application Architectures, Components of a Generic Web Application
Architecture, Layered Architectures 2-Layer Architectures , N-Layer Architectures , Data-aspect
Architectures , Database-centric Architectures ,Architectures for Web Document Management
Architectures for Multimedia Data; Modeling Web Applications: Modeling Specifics in Web
Engineering, Levels 3.3.2 Aspects, Phases, Customization, Modeling Requirements ,Content Modeling (
Objectives , Concepts) Hypertext Modeling ( Objectives , Hypertext Structure Modeling Concepts, Access
Modeling Concepts, Relation to Content Modeling ) Presentation Modeling( Objectives, Concepts,